Santa’s Bucket List Coloring Pack


30-page coloring pack featuring Santa checking things off his bucket list.


Santa and Mrs. Claus sat across the table from one another, eating their breakfast.

As usual, Santa had a pile of paperwork on the table.  He mindlessly ate his pancakes, but his thought were really on the Naughty and Nice Reports the elves had submitted.

As they sat in silence, he carefully read through the reports.

Every once in a while he’d nod or even chuckle at something he read. Then he’d scribble a few notes in the margin of the report.

Mrs. Claus couldn’t stand the near silence any longer. “We have to talk,” she said quietly.

He looked up.

“Santa, I know your work is important. I know all the children of the world are depending on you.  But, you work too hard!  It’s all you ever do.  What you need…” she began slowly, “is a hobby.”

Santa sat thoughtfully for a few minutes. Then, because Santa IS Santa and lists are sort of his “thing,” he flipped over one of the Nice Reports and began writing.

He wrote for over an hour.  And, when he was done, he had a bucket list full of new hobbies and activities to try.  Even Santa was surprised by all the secret ambitions he had been ignoring as he devoted all of his attention to Christmas Day.

That year, he and Mrs. Claus began taking weekend road-trips.  Santa would (try to) leave his work back at the N.P., while they undertook each end every item on his Bucket List.

This coloring pack gives you just a tiny glimpse into what Santa was up to.

He had so much fun, he’s thinking about making his Bucket List a yearly tradition. So, as you go about your year, keep your eyes open for a very jolly, bearded man, in a red suit doing the most unexpected things.


What you’ll receive: 

  • 30 coloring pages in a PDF downloadable file.


Format: This is a digital product. You will receive a downloadable PDF file. Nothing physical will ship.

Size: U.S. Letter size (8.5 X 11-inches)

Usage Rights: Personal-use only



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